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Some may call me crazy...


It has occured to me over the years, that there are probably some people out there who may call me crazy.  Crazy, and why??  Simply beause of how I am about ingredients.  Not only in the food I feed myself and my family.  But also about the ingredients in the products we use on our bodies (and why I was a proud alex+von consultant for 2 years).  You can read more about "how I got this way" here.

And to those said people who may have thought I was a little crazy over the years to you I say, "hey, that's ok!"  

What many people don't realize, is that it's been 13 years since the passing of my 56-year old vibrant and FULL OF LIFE Daddy, who we lost to pancreatic cancer in 11 short months on February 5, 2001.  And I still thnk it's just a bad dream.  That's right, I said it.  A dream.  My brain just cannot fully grasp the fact that he is not "physically" here to guide me and giggle with my kids, and show me his sparkly, smiling blue eyes .  

And because of this tremendous loss- I am CRAZY about what my kids eat and what my family eats (and uses on their bodies), because there are KNOWN ingredients in our FOOD and in our PRODUCTS that are KNOWN to cause cancer (and a host of other lovely things), known ingredients BANNED in other countries.  So.  Why would I.  Someone with a known family history of one of the most DEADLY cancers out there, willingly feed my family food with cancer-causing ingredients and slather their bodies with cancer-causing lotion ingredients? Simply because I don't have to.  That is correct.  I don't have to.  Because there are foods out there that actually KILL cancer cells- foods that come from the earth, that grow in the ground, that are not found in a box.  And there are products out that that have nurturing and healing ingredints like essential oils and coconut oil in them.  Ingredient names I can read and actually know what they are.  I hold true to my "if you can't pronounce it, don't eat it (or wear it)".  

The reason for this sudden outburst of a post is because prior to the 2.5 mile run I just ran at 9:00 pm (mind you, it was 95 degrees in my garage, and anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE the heat), I was sitting on my bed, reading a blog post about Ben.  Ben is a sweet 5 year old boy who's Mom posted just yesterday that her beautiful baby boy is in "transition" and will be leaving this earth shortly due to a cancerous growth in his head.  Reading this post, tears streaming and fear engulfing my body- I think... what would I do if I were in this beautiful mom's place? What would I do?  I just don't  think I could survive the loss of one of my children. Period. Never ever ever.    

And it got me thinking about how I'm pretty strict with my kids food choices.  And I may be annoying with all of my posts about healthy eating.  And my kids may be looked at funny for drinking coconut water instead of bright blue Gatorade after lacrosse practice.  And I may spend more money than I should on groceries, as 90% of what I purchase is organic.  And I may have been that Mom who sent an email to the softball league about providing healthier snack options at the softball fields (which are filled with hundreds of growing minds + bodies weekly).  And I may be the Mom who loudly gags when someone walks into the elevator I'm on reeking like they just showered in a gallon of perfume (and my kids may gag too).  And maybe I feel a little proud when my 10 year old son allows himself only a serving size of his snack after school & knows how to read a nutrition label.  And my 10 year old daughter thanks me for caring about what she puts in her body.  And my now 2 year old son who was solely breast-fed for 21 months of his life, is as happy and healthy as can be and who's first solid food was avocado.  

In the end.  I don't ever want to make anyone feel bad for the choices they make.  I do however, hope I make a difference. I hope I can educate someone.  I hope I can make a change. Because we cannot control the toxins in the polluted air we breathe, and the junk in the water we drink that can't be filtered out.  But we can do our best to educate others, especially our children, about how food CAN be medicine and doesn't have to be pink + bubble-gum flavored and come in a plastic bottle.  It can be grown in your own backyard.  Or grown by the awesome farmers at the market on Sunday. Or even found at CostCo in the freezer section.  

Lysol being sprayed in my twins preschool classroom was the catalyst for my RubyBlaise business.  And today on Facebook I read this blog post (Lysol's "Healthing" Campaign Misleads Moms) which made me want to scream.  Then I saw this as well today, with the "headline": Eating an organic diet for one week, can cause pesticide levels in adults to drop by almost 90%.  And I think, if this can have such an impact on adults, imagine what it can do to sweet, innocent children.  

And then I think back to Ben, the poor boy who's twin brother will have to grow up without him. My heart breaks.  

I know I read more than others on the topic of holistic health, nutrition, aromatherapy, etc.  And the reason is because I lost my Dad to cancer. I may never know the true cause of what triggered this disease to grow in his body (although I have an idea of what "event" in his life triggered it).  I'm not going to apologize for being "crazy" about these things that I am so passionate about.  And it's because I care.  I care about you and I care about your family and your children and this earth and the world we live in.  There is SO much wacky stuff going on with our food supply (thanks to GMO's and maddening Monstanto).  I hope that just one little tid-bit of information that I share will stop you, even for a split second, and make you think about maybe making a better choice next time you are at the store.  Maybe start with the "dirty dozen". Baby steps.  That's all it takes.  

Whew, ok, glad I got that all down + off my chest.  Good night.

Welcome to our new + improved site


My super, wonderful partner in crime, {aka my husband}, has spent the last few days updating our website to be much more modern + user friendly. I hope you enjoy!  Please do share your feedback. 

To celebrate the launch of our new and in honor of Mother's Day and all of the BEAUTIFUL + STRONG + INSPIRING moms everywhere we are having a pretty special deal now through May 11th.

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As always, thanks for your continued love + support. It means more to me than you know. 

Xo- Jody 


our #1 seller. great for nurseries or on your pillow before bed. 

our #1 seller. great for nurseries or on your pillow before bed. 

Recipe: refrigerator oatmeal


I cannot explain my obsession with this new recipe I literally just made last night. If you love oatmeal, fruit + yogurt this is for you!!! My 13-month old even gobbled it up!  It truly does not get more simple than this. Ready??


  • 1 cup uncooked old fashioned oats
  • 1 cup whole milk, rice, soy or almond milk
  • 1 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons honey


  1. 1. In a bowl, stir together the oats, milk, yogurt and honey. Pour into small mason jars and stir in desired accompaniments.
  2. 2. Cover and refrigerate overnight or up to 3 days. Serve chilled.

Accompaniments: 1/2 a banana, mashed or sliced, mashed or chopped berries (this works great with frozen berries too) ,flax seeds, chia seeds, a teaspoon of peanut or almond butter, dried fruits, chopped, almonds, walnut, cashew or pumpkin or sunflower seeds

As always thanks to Weelicious for always feeding my family well. 

If you make this, tell me what accompaniments you use. I used banana the1st time. Next time, I may try vanilla yogurt which is already sweetened & omit the honey.