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Pure essential oils used in our products


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Welcome to the wonderful world of aromatherapy & essential oils. You will be pleasantly surprised how your mind, body and spirit are transformed by using our unique products. Each of our blends have been thoughtfully formulated with essential oils that pair well together. Blending oils in this way creates a synergy that enhances their ability to elevate your mood and promote your well-being.
Rubyblaise Essentials aromatherapy products are all natural and eco-friendly. Each product is created by hand and made with 100% pure essential oils. We do not use chemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, emulsifiers or petroleum-based ingredients.

We invite you to join us on our mission to provide clean, natural products for everyday living. To enjoy our Mists, simply shake & spray anywhere and everywhere! Light our Soy Candles to bring a soft subtle scent into your space. Use our Vegan Bar Soaps for an uplifting and invigorating clean.




- noun

1. the use of aromatic essential oils extracted from plants to affect or alter a person’s mood.

2. the use of essential oils as a method to relieve tension and promote wellness.